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A Message from the
Scott Beck

Great Harvest Organics was created in 2002 as a sister company to Beck’s Hybrids. In the 16 years we have been serving farmers, the organic industry has seen tremendous growth. With that growth in mind, we want to ensure we take the necessary steps to provide you with the very best in certified organic corn, soybeans and wheat seed.

On August 1, 2018, Great Harvest Organics merged with Beck’s. The products, staff, and service that organic farmers have come to know from Great Harvest Organics aren’t going anywhere. They just have a much bigger family and support system now. Watch this video to learn more about this exciting announcement.

New Benefits

There are many new resources that Great Harvest Organics customers will now have access to as a member of the Beck’s family.

  • Product Discounts: Volume Discount, Early Order Discount, Cash Discount
  • Commitment Reward Items
  • Reward Trip Opportunities
  • 100% Free Replant on Great Harvest Organics-Branded Corn
  • Agronomic Support: 18 Agronomists Across the Midwest
  • Sales Support: Local Representatives
  • GreatStart Biological Seed Treatment

Changes Going Forward

  • Invoicing: Great Harvest Organics products will be billed on a Beck’s invoice.
  • Processing and Shipping: These operations will be moved from Beck’s El Paso, IL facility to Beck’s Pontiac, IL facility. As the demand for Great Harvest Organics continues to grow, this transition will provide us the ability to increase our capacity into the future, as well as fulfill shipments more timely and at greater volumes.
  • Sales Representatives: While Beck’s only sells to farmers in 11 states, Great Harvest Organics will continue to be sold across the United States. If Great Harvest customers are located within Beck’s marketing area, they will be placed with a Beck’s sales representative in their area. If they are located outside of this area, Dave Ross will continue to be their  representative. There will be more communication regarding new sales representatives in the coming months.

It is our goal to make this transition an easy one. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Our team

Scott Beck


Dave Ross

Sales and Operations Manager

Amy Clark

Administrative Assistant

Great Harvest Organics products feature elite genetics that are not available to any other organic seed company, and are specially selected to perform in organic conditions.



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Our Story


Our Story

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