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Certified organic soybean seed

Great Harvest certified organic soybean seed varieties offer organic farmers the performance of conventional soybeans in a certified organic package. From our 2.3 maturity all the way to the 3.8 maturity, these varieties have been selected to offer the performance and flexibility you need for your soil type. Find out more about how we can supply the variety you need for your organic operation.

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RM: 2.3

GH232 provides “racehorse” type yields on average to high productivity soils. It starts well with excellent emergence and vigor. Plant GH232 at medium populations across any row width. With it’s excellent standability and early emergence, it’s sure to be a winner in your field!

Special Characteristics

Very Good Frogeye Tolerance

Charcoal Rot / Very Good Stress Tolerance

Early Vigor and Excellent Emergence

Racehorse Yield on HP-MP Soil

Excellent Standability


RM: 2.9

GH291 offers yield and versatility across all soils. Its medium tall, wider plant style shades the row quickly. This soybean also fits the food-grade premium market with its higher protein and dark hilum.

Special Characteristics

C-Gene for Phytophthora Resistance

Very Strong for Sudden Death Syndrome

Works Across All Soil Types


RM: 3.2

GH327 is an excellent product for the non-GMO, clear hilum food-grade market. It has solid agronomics and good standability. For top premiums, use GH327 to gain the most profitability per acre.

Special Characteristics

High Protein Product

Solid Agronomics

Great for IP Markets

Excellent Seedling Emergence

Best on High and Medium Soils


RM 3.3

GH330 has good stress tolerance and performs in medium productivity soils. It delivers strong agronomics and very good tolerance to Brown Stem Rot and Sudden Death Syndrome, plus Phytophthora field tolerance with the C-gene to protect yield.

Special Characteristics

Strong on Sudden Death Syndrome

Excellent against Brown Stem Rot

Very Good Phytophthora Package


RM: 3.5

GH350 performs well across yield levels. It delivers in lower productivity environments and it has top-end yield on more productive soils. GH350 has a strong emergence package and stands very well at harvest, with great versatility across the acres.

Special Characteristics

Works Across Various Soils

Strong Sudden Death Syndrome Tolerance

Very Good Standability


RM: 3.8

GH380 is a top-end yielder that is quick out of the ground in the spring. This variety has very good Sudden Death Syndrome tolerance and a strong Phytophthora package to support its yield potential. GH380 is a medium variety for height and carries more canopy width.

Special Characteristics

Strong Emergence

Sudden Death Syndrome Tolerance

Wider Canopy


RM: 3.8

GH389N has a great package of agronomic characteristics that make it a farmer favorite. GH389N is a yield leader with excellent stress tolerance, making it a winner across soil types. This soybean variety is a versatile performer that will anchor our full-season lineup.

Special Characteristics

Cyst + A-Gene for Phytophthora Resistance

Performs Across All Soil Types

Solid Defensive Package


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