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Certified organic Corn seed

Great Harvest certified organic corn seed hybrids offer exciting performance from elite genetics ranging from 101-116 day RM. We select only the best performing hybrids for the organic environment, combined with the highest yield and place them specifically for your farm. Find the elite genetics you need for your organic operation with the certified organic hybrids listed below.


NEW FOR 2017

We are pleased to announce that a new biological seed treatment will be standard on all Great Harvest Organics corn seed. This treatment is OMRI approved and is a known bio-stimulant and bio-catalyst for young plants.


Flows well through planter.
Wide range of pH compatibility.
Provides better plant health and improved yields.
Increased early vigor of seedlings to
help outgrow insect and disease pressure.


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GHO 43A2

 RM: 93

43A2 combines excellent stress tolerance with top-end yield potential, making it a product to build your lineup around. The strong performance and excellent test weight of GHO 43A2 will make it a standout product on any farm.

Special Characteristics

Good Balance of Yield and Agronomics

Incredible Girthy Ear

Excellent Test Weight

GHO 47N2

 RM: 97

47N2 is a broadly adapted product that excels across all soil types with tremendous top-end yield and good overall stress tolerance. This product has incredible standability along with fast drydown. Experience the versatility of GHO 47N2.

Special Characteristics

Plot Topping Yields with Drydown

Tremendous Roots and Stalks

Excellent Stress Tolerance

GHO 41M8

 RM: 101

41M8 is a consistent product that combines top-end yield with good overall stress tolerance. This versatile early product will handle all soil types and has excellent plant health. GHO 41M8 finishes the season with excellent drydown.

Special Characteristics

Broad Adaptation and Versatility

Excellent Plant Health

Season-Long Standability

GHO 52F3

 RM: 102

52F3 is a high-performing product in most soils, including water-limited environments. This product combines excellent roots and stalks with plant health and outstanding grain quality. Place GHO 52F3 on your acres and watch it perform.

Special Characteristics

Combines Yield with Stress Tolerance

Superb Agronomics and Health

Food-Grade Type Grain Quality

GHO 55G3

 RM: 105

55G3 sets the standard for consistency and stability. This moderate height hybrid has excellent grain quality and tremendous stress tolerance.

GHO 55G3 will deliver excellent performance on the tough acres and the more productive acres.

Special Characteristics

Consistent Ears and Solid Agronomics

Moderate Plant Height

Excellent Test Weight

GHO 55E4

 RM: 105

55E4 is a dominant performer. This product offers an excellent overall health package and strong performance in stressful conditions. Its overall

yield performance is impressive.

Special Characteristics


Strong Roots and Excellent Stalks

Handles Tough Conditions

GHO 58E4

 RM: 108

58E4 is a dominant yielder in all geographies. The robust plant architecture makes it a dual purpose hybrid. Placed in medium and higher productive fields, GHO 58E4 will deliver unmatched top-end yields, excellent late season looks, and tremendous silage utility.

Special Characteristics

Impressive Top-End Potential

Excellent Stalks and Roots

Tremendous Silage Option

GHO 59R5

 RM: 109

59R5 is widely adapted with good northern and southern movement. It is a perfect choice across all soil types. GHO 59R5 is an excellent combination of tremendous standability and outstanding grain quality.

Special Characteristics

Outstanding Grain Quality

Tremendous Stalk Strength

Fast Emergence and Early Growth

GHO 62B3

 RM: 112

62B3 is a broadly adapted hybrid and will stand out for its food-grade type grain quality and ability to consistently fill the ear to the tip. GHO 62B3 has strong agronomics, excellent late season looks, and tremendous top-end yield potential.

Special Characteristics

Broad Adaptation with Strong Yield

Good Plant Health Package

Food-Grade Type Grain Quality

GHO 63T1

 RM: 112

63T1 has the stress tolerance to outperform all others in tough conditions. The combination of emergence, seedling vigor, stalks and roots is unmatched. With its outstanding drought tolerance, great test weight, and yield, this is a “must plant” for all organic farmers looking for this maturity.

Special Characteristics

Outstanding Drought Tolerance

Excellent Stalks and Roots

Industry Leading Emergence

GHO 75C6

 RM: 115

75C6 is a balanced product that combines good, top-end yield with excellent plant health and agronomics. It has impressive ear length and girth with tremendous grain quality. Use GHO 75C6 with confidence in your medium to better soils.

Special Characteristics

Consistent Top-End Yielder

Impressive Health Package

Excellent Test Weight and Grain Quality


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