A Great Organic Harvest Starts Here - Certified Organic Seed

Organic Seed is a symbol of the independence and values that America is built upon. As an organic farmer, you value the independence gained by supplying organic feed, food, and fiber to a growing number of organic consumers. You also find value in the challenge of cultivating and preserving the richness of early, sustainable agricultural methods in today’s modern world.

Product Selection - Certified Organic Corn Seed, Soybean Seed, Wheat Seed
Research and testing of hybrids and varieties to select the best products for organic farmers is a fundamental part of our business. Seed products being grown for organic farmers have been specially selected to perform in organic conditions. Look to Great Harvest Organics to continue bringing new products and market premium potential to organic farmers.

Great Harvest Organics has access to a broad source of genetics from different suppliers. This allows us to test, select and offer a unique combination of products that work for organic farmers.


Certified Organic Wheat Seed


Certified Organic Soybean Seed


Certified Organic Corn Seed